Bhutan the Country of Happiness !!

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It my immense pleaser to share that “Lines International” has collaborated with recognized Consultancy Company in Bhutan known as ChhimiD Consulting”. This joint association will provide strength to both of the companies for their International Projects in Engineering and Project Management Sector i.e. Environment, Energy, Geotechnical, GIS Survey, Project Reports, Natural Mineral Studies and many more.

“ChhimiD Consulting” has its head office in Thimphu.

Since inception “Lines International” has deep expression of interest for provides its services in Bhutan. Country has ample opportunities. The joint association between companies will make a ‘special relationship' and make a strong pillar said CEO of Lines International Er. Vikram Gupta. Under our expansion phase we are following our 'Neighbourh First' collaboration policy.

Mr. Gupta added that Chhimi Dorji is providing his services to “ChhimiD Consulting” as head and lead consultant. He has completed his MSc California State University, Humboldt in the USA First class Bachelor of Technology in Civil Engineering from Motilal Nehru National Institute of Technology (MNNIT) in India and postgraduate from University of Norway.

Bhutan is the founder of phrase ‘gross national happiness’ and it is more important than Gross Domestic Product (GDP).

The GNH Index includes both traditional areas of socio-economic concern such as living standards, health and education and less traditional aspects of culture and psychological wellbeing. It is a holistic reflection of the general wellbeing of the Bhutanese population rather than a subjective psychological ranking of ‘happiness’ alone. It is a best tourist destination among world known Countries for tourism.

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